Repairs & Restoration

Sometimes the cover and the base of a chair or sofa can be fine and only the cushions let the look and shape of the suite down.

New interiors will improve not only the look but also your comfort! And let’s be honest…that’s what it is all about. Duncan Galliers Upholstery will put it right at a fraction of the cost of replacing your whole suite!


Spring Repair

Speaking frankly…not all those chair and sofa deals out there are good ones! Sometimes you think you bought a fabulous suite only to find after a few months the seat has collapsed. Not to worry, here at Duncan Galliers Upholstery we get right to the bottom of it and replace those sagging broken springs.

Frame Repair

How often have you told the kids not to lean backwards on your precious dining chairs? Jump on the sofa or maybe you are the culprit yourself? Snapped frames are a nuisance but can very often be repaired. Bring in your chair or arrange a home visit for your sofa for some advice.

Foam cut to size

Here at Duncan Galliers Upholstery we will try and help you along with your upholstery needs. Be it foam pads for your garden chairs or a new top layer for your mattress. We can cut it to any shape or size.

Bespoke projects for your specific requirements

Do you have a sofa that needs extending or dining seats you have seen online and would like to have matched? Duncan Galliers Upholstery will rise to the challenge, involving you every step of the way.


If you are planning to take on an upholstery project, we can supply all materials and sundries you need:
Webbing, Jute and Pirelli
Polyester Wadding and assorted fillings
Nails or staples
Buttons made up with your fabric

We are able to cut any seat and back cushion to a bespoke shape or refill those irritating feather cushions that you are just tired of plumping up.